Harissa Tannourine (Chir el Ribazi)

Climbs 45 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1400m a.s.l

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By far one of the best climbing sites in Lebanon.

Note: The grades at this site were revised. If you believe a route is over or under graded kindly send us a mail (info@climbinglebanon.com) in order to correct it.

Distance from Beirut is appr. 76.3 KM

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Climbs at this site

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# Climb name Bolts Height Grade
1 Jah love 9points 34m 4+
2 Harissa pick 6 points 27m 4
2 Harissa pick (Alt) 3 points 12m 4
3 Clara & Julia 6 points 27m 4+
4 Joseph Nettoyeur 7points 25m 5b
5 Yalla Chabeb 10points 26m 5b
6 Staknik 9points 35m 5b
7 Yasmina 11points 35m 5a
8 Alain fatigue 6points 20m 5b
8 Alain fatigue (Alt) 5points 20m 5b
9 Pokemon 5points 15m 5b
9 Pokemon (Alt) 10points 25m 5b
10 Kikouyou 6points 20m 5b
10 Kikouyou (Alt) 6points 20m 5b
11 Les frere bodyguard 4points 20m 3+
12 Trotinette 9points 26m 5a+
13 Jack Pote 10points 26m 5b+
14 Mimi 10points 30m 5b
15 Les amis snoopy 8points 28m 5b+
16 Dernier Puso a Beyrouth 30m 5b
16 Dernier Puso a Beyrouth (Alt) 25m 5b+
17 Libil 30m 5b
17 Libil (Alt) 20m 5b+
18 Marylou s'endort sous la neige 12points 40m 5c
19 Le Deniapeur 10points 30m 5a
20 Captaine Joe 10points 30m 5b
21 Pepe La Reinette 13points 35m 5b+
22 Tonton Flingeur 14points 35m 5c
23 Raymond ouvre le coffre 14points 35m 6a
24 Le Seignus 30m 6a+
24 Le Seignus (Alt) 15m 6c
25 Sos A Mure 14points 35m 6a+
26 Yalla Habibi 9points 25m 5b
26 Yalla Habibi (Alt) 8points 20m 5a
27 Ou J'ai foutu ma M Sixteen 9points 25m 5b
28 Le peuple de l'herbe 10points 26m 6c
29 Le tracteur a dede 9points 25m 6c
30 BNX 8points 21m 5c
31 Litige L1 25m 6b
31 Litige L1 (Alt) 20m 6b
32 Ali Bigoude 13points 25m 6a+
33 Tif zou et p'tit Lulu 13points 35m 6b
34 Jardiland-1 10points 130m 5b
34 Jardiland-2 5points 5a
34 Jardiland-3 8points 5b
34 Jardiland-4 3points 5a
35 Nath et bob aux aironces 9points 30m 6b
36 Cecile enleve ton pull 10points 30m 6b
37 Valentinou 10points 30m 7a
38 Rosalie 7points 21m 7a
39 Total keops 11points 33m 7b
40 Tilou et les tritons 12points 35m 7b
41 Project 7c?
42 Project 8?
43 Mon Coeur s'envole TD+ multipitch 300m 5b-6b
44 Brume en RIBAZIE multipitch 200m 5b-5c+

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